…………Declare Bridge Safe For Public Use

Considering the high premium the present administration places on the safety of lives, the Lagos State Government has re-affirmed the integrity of the Pedestrian Bridge at OjoduBerger Bus Stop declaring the bridge as structurally stable and fit for human use.

The need for this re-assertion was due to a recent report on Sorosoke, a radio programmeon Miliki FM (101.3) which alleged that the bridge is swaying, vibrating and therefore unsafe for pedestrian use.

According to the statement released today by the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure (Office of Infrastructure), the report that the pedestrian bridge is likely unsafe was debunked after Engineers from the Office of Infrastructure conducted a survey and first-hand physical assessment of the pedestrian bridge to determine the condition, amid rumours that it is unsafe for public use.

The Office of Infrastructure however clarified that the reinforced concrete 6-legged bridge spanning across the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway at Berger Bus Stop has slight vibrations due to heavy vehicles passing underneath the bridge but this does not in any way undermine its integrity.

From the survey conducted on the bridge, it shows no visible signs of damage to the deck and the reinforced concrete bridge is intact.Consequently, it is confirmed that no part of the bridge’s sub-structure has been compromised, and the Berger Pedestrian Bridge is deemed safe for public use.

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